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PARLANDO (11 Scrabble points) – Italian – Parlando literally means “in speaking style” and refers to the moment when singers used technique to bring singing close to speaking. In other words, singers will sound like they are speaking, but using the rhythm and/or inflections used for singing. A famous example of this is mid-way through the famous aria, “Vissi d’arte” from Puccini’s Tosca (which returns next season starring Sondra Radvanovsky). See a video of Radvanovsky performing the aria below. At first, she sings along with the melody, but soon diverts (around the 1:15 minute mark) from the melody into a section where she’s singing in the style of speech (as if she converses with herself).

Looking forward to our upcoming 16/17 season’s revival of Tosca starring Sondra Radvanovsky? We’ve collected a couple articles for you to read before seeing the show next year.

The Opera News Awards: Sondra Radvanovsky – via Opera News

Over the past decade, Sondra Radvanovsky has taken on some of opera’s monumental prima donna roles with one of the most electrifying spinto voices of our time. Superlatives, though, can’t begin to do justice to the glories of her instrument — nor do they provide a full picture of how her artistry has evolved. While the essence of her vocalism appears to have been firmly in place since the earliest moments, Radvanovsky’s ability to use her voice as a medium for drama has seemed to grow with every step she has taken onstage. In an era when opera often seems to ask audiences and performers alike to compromise, Radvanovsky’s profound artistry now merely requests that we watch and listen.

An Interview with Sondra Radvanovsky: The Finest Tosca of Our Time – via KUSC Blog

Learn more about Sondra Radvanovsky’s journey and hear how she tackles the title role in Puccini’s Tosca.

For more information and our current and upcoming season, including Tosca check out our website.

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