Why I Give: Ruby Hanan

Ruby Hanan and friends

Ruby Hanan and friends

Ruby Hanan has worked part-time as a Telefund caller for LA Opera for the past 12 years. For 10 of those years she has also been a donor to the organization.

What inspires Ruby to not only give her time but also contribute to LA Opera?

“My mother is from the island of Rhodes, back before World War II when it was still an Italian territory,” Ruby explained, “She used to play The Italian Hour for us on the radio when we were kids and I eventually fell in love with the music”. You would not be surprised then, to find that Ruby is a lover of the classic Italian operas, such as La Traviata. As a Sephardic Jew, she cherishes Violetta’s final aria “Addio del passato,” which shares a melody with the Sephardic song “Adio Querida,” as a particularly nostalgic favorite.

Though the Italian composers are dear to her heart, Ruby enjoys all the popular favorites, such as Carmen and Madame Butterfly. While already supporting LA Opera through her work as a member of its fundraising team, Ruby felt inspired to deepen her commitment to the organization by becoming a donor. Through her giving, Ruby has become a Friend of LA Opera and greatly enjoys the benefits she receives as one of its members.  “The membership perks and invitations to events are a great way for me to introduce friends and family, especially the younger generation, to the magic of opera, when they might not otherwise have the opportunity.”

She encourages support for LA Opera regardless of how much someone gives.

“Small donations can really add up, and ticket sales cover less than half the cost to produce world-class opera.” That is why donations from people who treasure the art form, such as Ruby and her family, are so important.

LA Opera is grateful to Ruby for her generous contributions to the company. To learn more about how you can support the future of opera in Los Angeles click here.

LA Opera is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the greater good.
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