Why I Give: Ruthie Buell Talks Folk Music and Opera

Musician and teacher Ruthie Buell has attended performances at LA Opera for several years. She recently became a season subscriber and shares her love of opera with her friends. She also discovered that her chess teacher also adores opera, who now frequently joins her for productions.  She has loved her experiences at LA Opera, describing opera as “so different and wonderful.”

Ruthie Buell

Buell has spent her life writing music and poetry for both children and adults, performing her own compositions, teaching, and hosting the radio show “Halfway Down the Stairs with Uncle Ruthie” on KPFK. Though the folk music she composes varies greatly from opera in its style, Buell loves how both forms bring music and poetry together. She adores a beautiful voice and is inspired by “the naked drama of opera: the soul with no clothes on.”

She has fond memories of her first opera, Hansel and Gretel, and she was utterly struck by her first Il Trovatore. The ending, she says, when Azucena watches the execution of Manrico and shouts that her mother has been avenged (“Sei vendicata, o madre!”), haunts her to this very day.

Since engaging with LA Opera, Buell found that the best way for her to reflect her appreciation of LA Opera was by establishing a charitable gift annuity. She made a gift that continues to provide her with income for the rest of her life. Moreover, Buell feels wonderful that she can do something for the opera and is delighted that her gift — like her teaching — will leave a lasting impact on future generations.

Catch Ruthie on alternate Saturdays at 8:00am on KPFK 90.7!

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