What is Opera Camp?

An Innovative Summer Camp

Opera Camp 2017

Opera Camp 2017

For the past 17 years, we’ve hosted Opera Camp. It is a two-week immersive program where students aged 9-17 experience all aspects of opera production, guided by LA Opera artists. They are coached in singing, movement and learn about staging, scenic and prop design, and stage management.

Our campers have arrived this week. They’ve been rehearsing and exploring the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

But, our campers are also learning about something else.

Opera Camp connects campers to the past and to today’s toughest issues. It brings context to headlines and shows students their potential to impact the world.

Through opera, our campers have explored the African-American civil rights movement, the Japanese-American Internment, and the Holocaust. That’s just over the past three years.

Last year, campers premiered Then I Stood Up, an opera we commissioned. In the opera, campers portrayed real life teens who made a difference during the Civil Rights movement. As a part of camp, our students were honored to meet with Carlotta Walls LaNier, the youngest member of the Little Rock Nine.

This year, campers are rehearsing and staging Brundibár.

Brundibár is an opera about two kids who rally the entire town to stand up to a bully. It is known for being performed at least 55 times by the Jewish children imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camp at Terezín.) This summer, our students are meeting with two Holocaust survivors, Peter Daniels and Eva Nathanson, as a part of their preparation.

Through these stories, opera camp teaches kids that they have a voice and can effect change in the world – no matter how young they are. What other summer camp can say the same?

By the end of next week, our campers will be ready to hit the stage and share what they’ve learned. To see the campers in action, reserve tickets to a free performance of Brundibár. The opera will be performed on August 5 at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood.

To learn more about opera camp, click here.

LA Opera is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the greater good.
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