Read What Audiences Are Saying About Rigoletto!

On May 12, LA Opera saw the return of Mark Lamos’ lavish production of Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto. KXLU has described it as “… a mesmerizing, powerfully sung and acted Rigoletto,” while Broadway World writes that Juan Jesus Rodriguez in the title role “is thunder itself for all three acts. In both singing and acting, he masterfully plays all the agonizing transitions of the character …”

The critics may love this timeless Verdi classic, but what does the public think? Read below for audience reactions to LA Opera’s Rigoletto!

Arturo Chacon-Cruz as the Duke of Mantua and Juan Jesus Rodriguez as Rigoletto in LA Opera's 2018 production of "Rigoletto." (Photo: Ken Howard / LA Opera)

Arturo Chacon-Cruz as the Duke of Mantua and Juan Jesus Rodriguez as Rigoletto in LA Opera’s 2018 production of Rigoletto. (Photo: Ken Howard / LA Opera)


“Hey Everybody you good? What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift- a night at the opera! Amazing performances by @mdrbass & @lisetteoropesa & the whole cast of #Rigoletto! #MakingNewOperaFans #RunSeeThisShow” – Angela Bassett, Actress (@im.angelabassett)

“Wow this #LAOpera production of #Rigoletto is awesome!” – @gracedanziger

“I saw #Rigoletto last night & I was so happy b/c it was opera at its best: big voices & beautiful music. Thank you @LAOpera for a great night at the opera!” – @studio_gal

“@LAOpera #Rigoletto Lisette Oropesa’s voice is like LIQUID GOLD! She is made for Verdi, a superb actress and magical soprano of the first waters. Don’t miss her AMAZING GILDA, it is indescribably layered and thrilling.” – @judijordanprod


“A world-class cast stars in the tale of a father’s rage, a daughter’s despair, and a self-centered ruler who thinks he can get away with anything. My dear friend Sharmay Musacchio was an AMAZING and hugely entertaining Giovanna in Verdi’s Rigoletto with the LA Opera, conducted by the gifted Matthew Aucoin. I’m absolutely thrilled for her!! …” – quartz100

Saturday night’s opening of #Rigoletto at the @LAOpera was beautiful … bravissimo! #hispanicsforlaopera – @isabelravenna2

“Folks, last night hearing this man sing in LA Opera’s #Rigolettowas nothing short of amazing! @MorrisDRobinson I’m proud of you my brother! #MyKidsLoveOperaBecauseofYOU” – Courtney B. Vance, Actor (@CourtneyBVance)

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2 Responses to Read What Audiences Are Saying About Rigoletto!

  1. Rip Rense says:

    Sets are horrible. I guess they were intended to be “minimalist” when new, years ago, but now they just wind up minimal. I mean, an entire act taking place in a utilitarian stairwell that could have come right out of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion? Gasp. Costumes are dark, pageantry has no pageantry, (slight) comedy has no comedy. Understood that the music is the star of the show, but stand-and-sing, stand-and-sing really, really wears out its welcome. And. . .what direction? There just wasn’t any at all, apparently, despite the crediting of one Mark Lamos. Rigoletto and Gilda stand ten feet away from the Duke (or later, twenty feet), and he doesn’t see or hear them? Couldn’t they have been peeking through a latticework, or looking down from a second floor, at least? How is it that the assassin, knowing full well that the Duke is sleeping upstairs, stabs Gilda coming through the front door, thinking it’s the Duke? Huh? After this dull—and dull-witted—production, I was ready to take back my condemnation of the Met’s setting “Rigoletto” in Las Vegas! Ambrogio Maestri was very fine as Rigoletto, although the poor fellow seemed to have trouble moving around. Adela Zaharia’s young soprano stole the show for sheer beauty and poignancy, as far as I’m concerned. Something about Michael Fabiano’s capable spinto that does not convince, though. I get the sense of watching someone executing the notes, rather than singing artfully, poetically, with heart. And what is that cough/bark he keeps doing? (Of course, none of this impeded the braying Bravo Donkeys.) You’ve been warned.

  2. happy wheels says:

    What does the public think?

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