The Flying Dutchman: Iconic Productions Day 9

“I can listen to the music in my home and imagine the most amazing imagery. But quite often when I go to the opera and then I see it, I’d rather close my eyes, because you can’t match the music.” – Julie Taymor (Frida, Across The Universe) on what made her desire to push theatrical boundaries in opera for The Flying Dutchman (1995)

The cast of The Flying Dutchman (1995); Photo Credit: Ken Howard

The cast of The Flying Dutchman (1995); Photo Credit: Ken Howard

LA Opera presented The Flying Dutchamn in 1995. In Richard Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, sea captain Daland betroths his daughter Senta to the title character, in an effort to free the Dutchman from his curse (doomed to roam the seas until he finds a wife who will remain faithful to him). While the character of Senta may often seem cliché, Taymor’s version brought life into the character, by portraying her as “a mirror image of the Dutchman,” “misunderstood and never finding a port.”

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