Take a trip into the fanciful worlds of our bachelor, Hoffmann


If E.T.A. Hoffmann were alive today, he’d be on The Bachelor. He’d be meeting the wrong women, falling for them, and ultimately having his heart broken. EVERY TIME.

While it sounds like he’s a brooding artist with a dark soul – he’s really just a drunk guy at a tavern tripping out on his lost loves.

Over the course of his short life, Hoffmann falls for three women…and each failed love story he shares transports you to a world of whimsy, deception or magic spells.

(Check out The Tales of Hoffmann movie below to get a taste of the magic the opera inspires.)

Rather than three sheets to the wind – Hoffmann tells three tales.


The Tales of Hoffmann (2002); Photo: Robert Millard

The Tales of Hoffmann (2002); Photo: Robert Millard

Olympia is his first love – aka. Puppy Love. He chases and pines for Olympia convinced she’s the one. He’s wrong. As it turns out, she’s a mechanical doll. She’s neither ideal nor real. Think about that list of attributes you keep that describes your ideal mate…do you want perfect or real?


The Tales of Hoffmann (2012); Photo: Robert Millard

The Tales of Hoffmann (2012); Photo: Robert Millard

Hoffmann’s second love is Giulietta. She’s a seductress and looking for the man with the most to give her. Very quickly, she steals from him and trots off with someone else. Leaving him alone once more.


The third love he tells his drinking buddies about is Antonia. She turns out to be his soulmate. Spoiler alert – that doesn’t exactly end well. Overwhelmed by her desire for the stage, she sings herself to death.

(Before seeing Diana Damrau in our production, see her sing the role of Antonia below.)

And there’s Hoffmann, growing more and more drunk as the show goes on, left to wallow in his reality and the suds of his pint.

Makes you wonder, does this bachelor ever find true love – If he had a rose, who do you think he’d give it to?

To learn more and see to whom Hoffmann gives his final rose, purchase tickets to The Tales of Hoffmann at LA Opera here.

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