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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Norma


Norma is the go-to opera to hear what the masterful, operatic voice can do. Yet, there’s so much more to this show than the voices. There’s an interesting directorial vision thanks to Anne Bogart, a classic take on the bel canto movement, and cast members that truly define what it means to be a great opera singer. In case you’ve missed the Norma love these past few weeks, we’ve collected a bunch of articles and videos for you to check out and see why Norma is so captivating.

Get To Know Norma

The cast of Norma (2015); Photo: Ken Howard

The cast of Norma (2015); Photo: Ken Howard

Norma War and Peace at Last

Norma is more than just a love story. It’s also an opera about the cross between the political and the personal , all showcased in the title character’s struggles.

Directing Norma

Norma is arguably Vincenzo Bellini’s masterpiece. It’s a vocal fireworks of an opera, where singers utilize every tactic in their vocal range to express the deepest of emotions: love. Director Anne Bogart and designer Neil Patel understand this implicitly. Their Norma is a version that removes the frippery, “the spectacle of the mis en scene” and in turn fuels the vocal energy at the core of Bellini’s storytelling.

Norma’s Girl Power Playlist

Vincenzo Bellini’s Norma is arguably the ultimate girl power opera, with a fiery and dramatic plot that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. To help everyone get in an empowering mood, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 girl-power anthems for you to listen to until the opening night of Norma this Saturday. Here’s a list of 10 stellar girl power songs.

Drop The Mic: Norma’s A Vocal Fireworks Opera

As I write this, Angela Meade, Jamie Barton, and Russell Thomas are on-stage rehearsing a scene from our upcoming production of Bellini’s Norma. It’s the end of Act I and Norma (Meade) has just discovered the affair between the man she loves, Pollione (Thomas), and Adalgisa (Barton), a younger priestess. If you think the story’s dramatic, you should hear their voices! Unbelievable voices – let’s call them vocal fireworks because of their equally explosive and yet restrained nature – are at the center of Norma. It’s compelling to witness.

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