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What Interning at LA Opera Meant To Me

Cristian Perez

“You go to school for theatre? Like acting? I didn’t know people went to school for that,” said the flight attendant, a bright-faced, tall woman. Her smile glowed with the same intensity that mine receded. I was on my way to the 2017 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and our flight was due to land in Hawaii in just about two hours. The view underneath me was shifting from the blue tinge of ocean water to the mossy greens and browns of island life.

Yet, the excitement that was boiling inside me just mere moments ago, vanished with the sound of her words. Was my career path the right one? Did I really want to pursue a career in the arts? These are sentiments to which any student in the arts terrain can relate to. Feelings of uncertainty, low self-confidence, and doubt are a poison which sadly follows every creative spirit. I am conscious that a career in the arts means a challenge: a challenge to truly find one’s place within the world of creative exploration. As a Creative Literature and Theatre Performance double major with a minor in Latino Studies (all fields in the humanities), I have made my choice: the arts.

There is no question that the arts field presents a tough road; its fast paced nature and extreme competitiveness makes it a constant challenge to thrive. However, it is due to opportunities such as the one I’ve had this summer that my dream continues to gleam with zeal. Interning at LA Opera has been an absolute blessing for me.

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