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Get the Prompter Lowdown

Our post about the Prompter raised some questions; so we thought we’d spend some time with our prompter to answer them.

LA Opera Young Artist Kihun Yoon

LA Opera Young Artist Kihun Yoon

What does a promoter do?

Prompters are often referred to as a security blanket. We support both the artists and the conductor, reinforcing cues and helping keep time. While artists know their parts, the fear of forgetting a line is alleviated when you know someone’s there just in case.

Doesn’t it get hot in the box?

It is not really hot – at least I have never felt uncomfortable.

Do you ever get hit by stage debris?

Confetti will float in of course. It is not uncommon for some props to roll into the box, but nothing dangerous has happened so far. Thank goodness!

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