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How Joshua and Gloria Guerrero Are Living the Opera Dream

Gloria and Joshua Guerrero

Gloria and Joshua Guerrero

Joshua and his sister, Gloria were not always opera fans. The closest to opera they came was watching Andrea Bocelli specials on PBS as kids. It was not until adulthood that they both fell in love with the art form and found a home at LA Opera – Joshua as an up and coming tenor and Gloria as a rising star in the costume shop.

“I got into opera later in life and Gloria was a huge part of it,” says Joshua, who led an eclectic pre-opera life that included studying theology and a stint as a gondolier on the Las Vegas strip and abroad in Macau.

Joshua was always a singer, and adds, “We’re close and she was really the only family member who saw the whole process of becoming a singer.”

As Gloria saw Joshua pursuing a career in opera, she decided to pursue her dream of studying fashion.

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