Moby-Dick by the Numbers

Jay Hunter Morris as Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick (2015); Photo: Craig T. Mathew

Jay Hunter Morris as Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick (2015); Photo: Craig T. Mathew

Moby-Dick is an epic production with some pretty impressive numbers to back it. The Moby-Dick set weighs approximately 95,000 pounds. This number includes the masts, rope, sails and cyc (what’s a cyc, you may ask, find out here) – all of which come together on the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion stage to form the Pequod. The Pequod’s masts on stage are 36 feet tall, towering over the opera stage, making the ship come to life (click here to learn more about the anatomy of the Pequod).

Everyone knows the Pequod wouldn’t be complete without 1 fiery cauldron to render whale blubber. Speaking of whale blubber, there are 85 pounds of fabricated whale blubber used in the production of Moby-Dick. There’s no whale blubber without harpoons and other weapons the crew aboard the Pequod use to hunt.

Eleven spears and other miscellaneous weapons will appear on the stage during the performance of Moby-Dick. Make no mistake! Whale blubber, spears, and cauldrons are all great things to spot on stage, but the Holy Grail has to be Captain Ahab’s 1 thought-provoking peg leg. It’s not something you’ll want to miss.

Moby-Dick opened Halloween night and runs through November 28. Be sure to grab tickets to one of the remaining shows and check out this visually stunning production.

For tickets and more information about Moby-Dick and LA Opera’s current season, check out our website.To check out our Norma by the Numbers, click here.

Audrey Register is a journalism and public relations major at Belmont University, graduating in May of 2016. Originally from North Carolina, she is currently an intern and LA Opera and also an opera newbie.

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