This is LAOperady — Our 19/20 Season Guessing Game!

The titles of the operas that will grace our stage (or stages really, since we bring opera all around Los Angeles) for the 2019/20 Season will be officially announced on Jan. 27. That may seem ages away, but we’re bringing you a little game to help pass the time. We’re calling it, “LAOperady,” borrowing a page out of the book from America’s favorite trivia show, Jeopardy! The winner of our little trivia game will score two VIP tickets to one 19/20 opera of your choice.*

Kicking off Jan. 20 on Facebook and Instagram (if you’re not following us yet, hurry and do it now), we’ll be posting a trivia question each day, with the full reveal of the operas that comprise the 19/20 season on Sunday, Jan. 27.

All are welcome to guess, but the prize is reserved for the truly committed who submit their daily guess via Facebook comments and Instagram DMs for all seven days.

Here are the rules, which we highly suggest reading before you play:


1. You must start from DAY ONE and submit correct answers for ALL SEVEN DAYS.

2. Your answer must be in QUESTION FORM, just like Jeopardy!

3. You’ll have a 24-HOUR window to submit your answer each day.

  • We’ll post new trivia questions every day at NOON beginning JANUARY 20th.
  • You have until NOON the FOLLOWING DAY to submit answers via DM on Instagram and comments on Facebook.

4. Stick to ONE PLATFORM.

  • The trivia questions will be posted on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM STORIES, but we’d sure appreciate it if you committed to one or the other to keep it fair.
  • Only Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram Stories and COMMENTS on Facebook will be counted.
  • One more time for those in the back – only INSTAGRAM DMs and FACEBOOK COMMENTS will be counted.

5. EVERYONE can play!

  • Under the age of 18? Make sure you have permission from your parents or guardians — you’ll need that to claim your prize

6. Winners will be selected randomly from the pool of those who have submitted all seven correct answers within the correct time frames. They will be announced via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on JAN.31  before 5 P.M. PST.

  • Please be sure to keep an eye on your DMs on both Facebook and Instagram to see if you’ve won.

*Based on availability.

Ready to play? Keep your eyes on Facebook and Instagram on January 20th to start playing LAOperady!

Good luck!

LA Opera is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the greater good.
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