#LAO30Images Iconic Productions Day 3: Orpheus in the Underworld

“[Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld] is a masterfully constructed spoof on the First Musician’s private life. But it does considerably more than substitute Orpheus’ famous rock-charming lute for a nymphette-seducing violin. It brings the Olympian deities down to earth with a sequence of hilarious bumps, including an examination of the sexual double standards of the gods, and a revolution on Mount Olympus on grounds of the catering standards.” – Snoo Wilson, English libretto translator, Orpheus in the Underworld

Orpheus in the Underworld, 1988-1989

The cast of Orpheus in the Underworld (1989); Photo Credit: Frederic Ohringer

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#LAO30Images is a year–long photo series, showcasing the most engaging photos from the company’s history in honor of our 30th Anniversary Season. To see all of our images click here.

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