LA Opera Newborn Subscription Package!


We may not be offering any newborn packages but we do have plenty of opportunities to introduce children of all ages to opera!

Like seasons prior, out 2018/19 season will include three Domingo Family Days events — one for Hansel & Gretel on November 25 and December 9, and another in association with El Gato Montés: The Wildcat on May 19. Domingo Family Days include the performance of the opera, as well as pre-show, child-friendly activities and post-performance cast signings.

While watching an opera onstage may be exciting for some children, there are plenty of children who want to perform, and for them, we have Opera Camp — a three-week intensive for campers ages 9-17 who rehearse, perform and participate in a variety of movement and technical workshops. At the end of the intensive, participants will perform an opera to the public.

We also offer half-price tickets to any opera we have on the stage for children and teenagers, which makes it a bit easier to introduce your children to the opera!

We also offer a variety of programs — such as Elementary In-School Opera, Open Door Days, and Opera Prep — geared towards teaching children and teenagers about opera with a more hands-on approach. To learn more about those programs, please click here.

Happy April Fools Day!

LA Opera is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the greater good.
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  1. Patricia McGuire says:

    And James Conlon has agreed to dress as a newborn while giving his lecture and conducts.

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