Jill Michnick’s secret identity – revealed

Jill Michnick

Jill Michnick

By day, Jill Michnick leads the team at LA Opera that produces its signature events. From glamorous galas to vision-setting board meetings, town halls to salon gatherings, Jill spends her time overseeing the details of award winning festivities.

While Jill is used to directing a team of producers and vendors and dealing with all the surprises that she encounters in her role, little did she know that after ten years at one of the country’s most prestigious opera companies, she too would catch the acting bug. Jill’s not one to shy away from a challenge, so when the idea of being in one of LA Opera’s iconic production arose, she didn’t hesitate to explore it.

Jill Michnick as one of Musetta's girls

Jill Michnick as one of Musetta’s girls

In September, she submitted an application for a supernumerary role in the upcoming production of La Bohème. On May 14, Jill will make her debut at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion as one of Musetta’s girls. In her role, she backs up her friend alongside two other female “supers.”  She confesses, she might have hesitated a little and hadn’t told many of her colleagues. But when the show program went to print, word got out.

“I never realized what goes into a role,” she says. “Mine is so tiny and I’m so focused on hitting my mark. I can’t imagine what it would be like to do anything bigger. In that one moment, it’s all about me and I don’t even sing or dance.”

About her role, Jill is excited and filled with the zest of opening night. With rehearsals underway, she has been fitted for her costume, staged and blocked her position and is working on refining her action to the cues around her. You’ll see Jill flirting with one of the artists in Act II.

Moments after Jill takes her bows on opening night, she’ll be up in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion’s famous Founders Room, calling the shots on the traditional Cast Supper. Unlike every other Cast Supper, some of the applause will be reserved for her.


For more information and to purchase tickets to La Bohème, click here.

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