Inside the Costume Shop: The Clemency of Titus

One of the best parts of a brand-new production is that everything is made from the ground up — and LA Opera’s The Clemency of Titus is no exception.

There’s still some time before the show opens on March 2, but the team at the costume shop is already at work creating these fresh new garments. From hand-painted details to the thousands of flowers used for headbands and accessories, costume designer Mattie Ullrich’s pieces are so ornate, they’re already perfect for an Empress.

Take an exclusive first-look at The Clemency of Titus costumes below!

(Photo: Arya Roshanian/LA Opera)

(Photos: Arya Roshanian/LA Opera)

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  1. Katherine Pfeiffer says:

    WE love the LA Opera. We’re looking forward to the Clemency of Titus.
    We loved Don Carlos.

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