Hear Why LA Opera Oracle Mark Lyons Loves The Tales of Hoffmann

Mark Lyons - LA Opera's Oracle

Every company has an oracle. He/she is the person who has been at the company a while, knows just about everything and is willing to share it with you. They know a lot yet don’t make you feel bad that you might not; and, they have a way of educating while entertaining and guiding you to be as passionate about something as they are.

At LA Opera – that’s Mark Lyons. Mark is the Associate Director of Communications and Publications. Mark has been with LA Opera since 2003 and when we say he knows just about everything there is to know about opera, it’s because he’s been in it and around it his entire adult life.

Mark has spent nearly 3 decades in the opera business. Before working at LA Opera, he spent many years at Washington National Opera and, before that, Virginia Opera. Often, Mark will travel the globe – on his own time – to opera festivals.

At the office, Mark is a quiet, reserved guy with a baritone voice (he’s admitted to having done some singing in his lifetime). If you’ve listened to our radio broadcasts on KUSC or WFMT or read our performance programs, you’ve seen or heard some of  his work as he manages, curates and creates the content for every one we produce. He also works behind the scenes on our radio broadcasts on KUSC and WFMT.

Since Mark is such an opera buff, we thought we’d tap into Mark’s hidden talent and he agreed.

So meet the LA Opera Oracle. We’ll ask questions of him and post his answers on our social channels. If you have questions for Mark about our shows or opera in general, share them.

Our first questions for the Oracle?

Why is The Tales of Hoffmann your favorite opera?

To learn more about and purchase tickets to The Tales of Hoffmann, click here.  

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