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Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a nationwide day of giving back. As a non-profit organization, LA Opera relies on donations from individuals like you to share the power of the performing arts within our community.

LA Opera’s Education and Community Engagement programs touch the lives of more than 140,000 Angelenos annually. Below is a story of some of the young lives being affected.

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Eli Villanueva

Eli Villanueva

For the past fifteen years, Eli Villanueva has worked with LA Opera’s Education and Community Engagement team to bring opera to the Los Angeles Community. An accomplished performer, stage director, and composer, Villanueva has performed in and composed several works for the company’s various education programs (Opera Camp, Opera Tales, and In-School Opera).

Through his work, Villanueva strives to impact how children see the world and offer them the same excitement he had when he first “caught the opera bug.”

Villanueva’s work with the Education & Community Engagement team focuses on changing people’s perspective of opera.

“In the stories we create for children, they are actually hearing the music of the operas they would see on the mainstage, but we’ve altered the content so that it is relevant to what they might be learning, or to what we perceive they are ready to hear, as far as classical music.”

Villanueva has found that children become more interested in the arts after participating in one of LA Opera’s programs.

Eli Villanueva working with kids during Opera Camp (2015)

Eli Villanueva working with kids during Opera Camp (2015)

Villanueva’s work with LA Opera boosts children’s confidence and helps them see their world differently.

“Sometimes, we work with students who are on the outskirts of what’s going on in the school. They aren’t necessarily accepted in the classroom and may not be doing as well academically. When we work with these students, we give them an environment in which to express themselves, to explore, and find their voice, their personality,” says Villanueva.

“Before working with us in school or during our summer opera camp, they have no idea how much they connect with theater and music and that this is where their soul lies. We have students, who find themselves while working with us, and then turn around and become leaders, and start doing better academically.”

He recalls working with a teenage girl in the In-School Opera Program.  She wasn’t participating as well as the other kids; she felt out of place. Upon discovering that she and his daughter have the same name, Villanueva set out to connect with this student and help her enjoy the opera rehearsal experience. He told her that she reminded him of his daughter and that he hoped she would participate and make him proud. “That somehow connected with her and she started to participate. This experience helped her express herself. She became a leader within that class and I could really depend on her during rehearsals,” says Villanueva.

Some of the students that Villanueva works with will never be performers; others are actively pursuing careers in the arts. But, when they come together to create opera future career pursuits don’t matter. All the children and teens are encouraged to be playful, learn from mistakes, and create a wonderful piece of art to share with friends and family. They gain confidence through these programs and, through the arts, become leaders in any field they wish to pursue.

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