Five Spooky Things To Do in LA This Summer!

If you keep on the pulse of arts and entertainment (and of course you do, you’re on the LA Opera blog 😉) we’re sure you’ve noticed an influx of horror movies hit the theatres, scary TV shows on the small screen and a few spooky events crop up around the Los Angeles area. Why has the horror genre seen such a resurgence, and a summer one at that?! We like to think it has something to do the fact that horror is one of the only genres that elicits a physical response — a cold sweat, a yelp, a scream, a cry for help in the middle of the night when you’ve thought you’ve just seen a ghost.

Sure, you could go to the beach and dine al fresco all summer long, but really — this is California and you can do that all year long, so why not do something a bit out of the ordinary and get your spook on this summer? Here are five creepy things to do in LA this summer.

Keith Phares as Roderick Usher and Jamielyn Duggan as Madeline Usher in "Usher House" (photo: Steven Pisano / Center for Contemporary Opera)

Keith Phares as Roderick Usher and Jamielyn Duggan as Madeline Usher in “Usher House” (photo: Steven Pisano / Center for Contemporary Opera)

A Haunted Escape Room

Photo via Horror Escapes LA

Escape rooms can be quite fun… who doesn’t love being locked in a room on the brink of frustration for at least an hour? But while there are many escape rooms around Los Angeles with several different themes, we bet adding a horror element would make your attempt at escaping go a wee bit faster. Horror Escapes LA in downtown has two experiences that are both equally terrifying: a mad doctor known for experimenting on patients holding you captive and a vampire coven. Guaranteed to make to make your blood pressure rise, it’s the perfect adult night out.

Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour

Photo via Karole R. on Yelp

Dearly Departed Tours are a thing in Los Angeles – from horror film locations to the Helter Skelter tour, tourists and locals alike flock to the company to see a different and more sinister side of Hollywood. The Tragical History Tour takes you to the homes and locations of some of the most tragic Hollywood deaths (think the Viper Room and the rumored murder house of the Black Dahlia.) If you like a bit of history with your horror, these tours are for you.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Photo via Cinespia

Just as we said, summer is the season of movies and in Los Angeles they are everywhere from rooftops to beaches to—you guessed it!—cemeteries. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the perfect place for catching a film. It’s a staple among places to see in Los Angeles, it’s got wide open green space, and a few famous Old Hollywood actors and actresses (Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, and Darla Hood just to name a few) were laid to rest here. This summer Cinespia has Alien and Vertigo queued up as part of their movie series.

Los Feliz Murder Mansion

Photo via Curbed LA

Maybe you’re a bit more of a “enjoy it from the outside” type person when it comes to horror and things of the like. (We don’t blame you!) The story of the Los Feliz Murder Mansion is a grisly one and the house still stands, as no one has moved into it since the 1960s, although it was recently bought two years ago. We definitely don’t condone trespassing, but there are plenty of articles on the web (and many a YouTube video and podcast) about what happened the night of the murder.

The Scare Pair: Usher House + The Canterville Ghost

Photo Credit: Stephen Pisano

Oh, what do you know, we have a spooky venture for you to check out! We are closing out our 2017/18 season over on the West Side at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica with a double-bill of operas based on literature by Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. Composed by Gordon Getty, Usher House is a spooky tale of a madwoman and a sinister doctor while The Canterville Ghost adds a bit of comedy to the creepiness as a 300-year-old English nobleman’s spirit tries but fails to frighten the new inhabitants of his old manor house – an American family. You can find tickets to this production here!

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