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Amelia Hemmings as a Scottish Refugee in Macbeth (2016); Photo: Karen Almond

Amelia Hemmings as a Scottish Refugee in Macbeth (2016); Photo: Karen Almond

Thirty years after its founding, the opera legacy first established by Peter Hemmings lives on – literally.

Amelia Hemmings

Amelia Hemmings

That sweet, albeit heartbreaking and starved face you’ll see at the center of the Scottish Refugee’s chorus in Act IV is Amelia Hemmings, granddaughter of the late Hemmings.

By day, Amelia is your regular 7th grader. Besides singing, dancing and performing, she loves baking mini cupcakes (plain vanilla especially) and crafts (she even has her own glue gun). But then again, she might not be so regular after all. In LA Opera’s last two seasons, she’s been in several productions, carrying on the family’s opera tradition. (Her older brother Rory made his LA Opera solo debut as the Cabin Boy in Billy Budd in 2014 and has also appeared in several other productions.)

I bet there aren’t many seventh graders that can tout opera credits.

With her father, Rupert Hemmings, LA Opera’s Senior Director of Production, standing by, Amelia is no stranger to opera. Like him, she’s grown up with opera. She has been part of nearly 10 productions, seven on the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion’s stage as a supernumerary. “It’s not hard – only a little nerve wracking,” says Amelia. “The hardest part of playing this role in Macbeth is not smiling.”

Amelia has also performed and sung as part of the chorus in LA Opera’s Opera Camp and at the annual opera at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. So far, her favorite role has been in La Bohème because she and her fellow supers, “had a lot of stage time. We got to run around the stage and just have fun.”

Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall from this opera tree.

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