Alma Guzman Discusses Why She Gives to LA Opera

For Alma Guzman, Los Angeles would be a difficult city to live in were it not for LA Opera. She expresses, “It does something to you…it’s very healing…it just enriches my life.”Alma has loved opera from the time she was a child living in Vienna, where she was able to stand in the back of the theater for performances at the Staatsoper for five cents apiece. Her parents encouraged her passion for opera, her father himself having participated in a “Claque,” where he was granted free admission to operas so long as he applauded especially loudly for particular singers only.

Alma Guzman

Alma moved to Los Angeles at age 19, one year after The Music Center was built, and yearned for the city to have a resident opera company. As soon as LA Opera became a reality 21 years later, she began volunteering with the Opera League. While volunteering as a light-walker (standing in place for singers while lighting cues are tested), she witnessed the large number of people LA Opera employs and how hard they work on each production. It gave her an appreciation for the company’s operating costs, and she decided, “whatever money I could donate, here and there, I always liked to help out because I knew how much it meant to me.”

Alma also donates to ensure that the younger generation has the chance to hear operas and develop a love for the art form. She is proud to support the Education and Communication programs’ work in bringing students to dress rehearsals and private talks with LA Opera artists. And she loves to hear students remark on the wonders of opera. Alma’s passion and gratitude for LA Opera is palpable. In her own words, “when people start talking about opera, I just glow.”

Alma Guzman (center) and other “Lightwalkers” stand on stage while the lighting director adjusts the lighting that will be used for a production.

Recently, Alma began to consider how best to accomplish her charitable goal of making a lasting impact on the future of opera in Los Angeles. In consultation with LA Opera’s planned giving professionals, she selected a very generous gift that will help her create a legacy for years to come.

To make a tax-deductible contribution in support of the future of opera in Los Angeles, click here.

Interested in leaving a legacy by including a gift to LA Opera in your estate plans? Email us

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