Hispanics for LA Opera Celebrates 25 Years

Members of HLAO

Members of HLAO

Hispanics for LA Opera was launched in February 1992 at the request of Peter Hemmings, then general director of LA Opera, with the enthusiastic support of Plácido Domingo. They were interested in engaging this vibrant, growing segment of the Los Angeles community education and welcoming them to the opera. Hemmings reached out to LA Opera subscribers and patrons Alicia and Ed Clark, who stepped forward to lead this effort by founding HLAO. Their leadership initiated an effort that has been an integral source of support for building the understanding and awareness of the operatic art form in Hispanic communities throughout Los Angeles.

Over the past 25 years, HLAO volunteers have enthusiastically promoted opera throughout the Hispanic community, encouraging attendance at performances and coordinating social activities that offer opportunities to learn more about the art form while getting to know other opera enthusiasts. They have enjoyed a large measure of success. In 1992, Hispanic attendees at LA Opera performances made up just 1% of the overall audience; today that figure is more than 14%. This is more than a tenfold increase!

HLAO’s commitment to LA Opera is deep and its members understand that the company relies on charitable contributions to bring the finest artists and works to the mainstage and to continue its important work in the Los Angeles community.

HLAO membership is open to everyone who has an interest in opera. Sign-up for a complimentary associate membership by clicking here to receive invitations to HLAO events. Plans for this season include Night at the Opera receptions, opportunities to meet and hear from Hispanic artists, and other social gatherings.

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