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LA Opera: For The Greater Good

Carmen (2012); Photo: Robert Millard

Carmen (2012); Photo: Robert Millard

Did you know that LA Opera is a non-profit?

Many people don’t realize that most arts organizations are non-profits, built to help people find common ground and an emotional connection.

LA Opera is no different. We strive to bring opera to everyone, because we know how opera’s unique combination of classical music, storytelling, and visual arts, when simultaneously shared with hundreds upon hundreds of people, can be awe-inspiring.
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Get a Taste of Opera Magic at Newcomer

Guests enjoy a concert at Grand Avenue Arts 2015

Guests enjoy a concert in Stern Grand Hall

Our Newcomer Open House

If you’ve never seen an opera, at least not one at LA Opera, and wonder what makes it so special, here’s your chance to see, hear and experience what’s in store this season. On Sunday, August 20, we’re opening out doors at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and invite you to our Newcomer Open House.

Hear a recital of selections from the coming season performed by our talented members of the Domingo-Colburn-Stein Young Artist Program, grab a bite, sip some wine or a cocktail and learn more about the makings of an opera production.
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James Conlon Talks the Carmen Myth

Ana María Martínez as Carmen; Photo: Lynn Lane, courtesy of Houston Grand Opera

Ana María Martínez as the title character in Carmen; Photo: Lynn Lane, courtesy of Houston Grand Opera

Georges Bizet’s last opera has struck deeply into the soul of Western Civilization.

Its music is universally loved and its meaning constantly analyzed, debated and reinterpreted. As a protagonist, Carmen is unique. Contrary to many mythological characters who served as operatic subjects, she transcended her stage existence and then evolved into an archetype, a popular and modern myth. Unlike Don Juan, Faust and numerous Greek, Roman and Nordic mythological characters adapted for the opera stage, Carmen had little prehistory. But like Mozart’s Don Giovanni, her obvious male counterpart, she became immortal thanks to the genius of a composer. The protagonist of a short story by Prosper Mérimée, she was perfectly realized the moment Bizet set her to music.

Who is Carmen and what does she represent?

Ask a dozen opera lovers, and there will be a dozen answers. Evil temptress, femme fatale, erotic demon, 19th-century Eve for some; victim of racism, gender inequality and social injustice, symbol of emancipation and feminine empowerment for others.
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Carmen on the silver and small screens

Look up most major opera composers on IMDb and you’ll get a list with hundreds of credits. Georges Bizet –famous composer of Carmen– is no exception. Music from Carmen can be heard in a variety of works, including the Pixar film Up. Carmen has also inspired several film adaptions, including the Academy-award nominated 1954 Carmen Jones.

We’ve rounded up some uses of Carmen on the silver and small screens to check out before seeing our production on September 9.


In Up, Carl Frederickson, following the death of his wife Ellie, fulfills his lifelong dream of moving to Paradise Falls, but unbeknownst to him, eight-year-old Russell has tagged along. “Habanera” from Carmen is used early in the film, showcasing the monotony of Carl’s life without his wife.

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Why I Love Opera Camp

Maurissa Dawson (left) with Holocaust survivor Peter Daniels (right)

Maurissa Dawson (left) with Holocaust survivor Peter Daniels (right)

Spring, 2016.

I’d been refreshing my email constantly for days on end, anxiously waiting for the email holding my fate. I auditioned for Opera Camp about a month earlier, and had been waiting for the results ever since. I’d found out about the program when I’d auditioned for Noah’s Flood months before. Patience however, was slowly edging its way out of my grasp. Then, suddenly I saw it:

Congratulations! We would like to inform you that you have been accepted and cast for our 16/17 Opera Camp!!!!

And so it began.
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Get Ready for The Simulcast

Share Mark Your Calendars We’re presenting a free, live simulcast of Carmen at Santa Monica Pier and Exposition Park on September 23 at 7pm. If you’re looking to experience opera under the stars, this is your chance. Here are some … Continue reading

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Love Our Annual Simulcast? Thank LA County.

Opera at the Beach (2015); Photo: Craig T. Mathew

Opera at the Beach (2015); Photo: Craig T. Mathew

We love opera and we love seeing audiences experience the transformative power of opera.

Our dedication to sharing this art form with the entire Los Angeles community brings more than 30 programs into hundreds of neighborhoods across the region and also invites community members to experience opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

LA Opera’s simulcast is one of our newest and most expansive programs, sharing the first opera of the season with thousands of Angelenos — in three diverse geographic locations and all at the same time.

Through the generous commitment of Los Angeles County and the Board of Supervisors, LA Opera will continue its simulcasts on September 23, 2017 with Carmen, live at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and with live broadcasts at the Santa Monica Pier and Exposition Park.
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